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The workplace has changed to a remote and in-person hybrid office. What will you do with all of the depreciated business assets – the IT equipment, the AV systems, and the furniture? 


Decom Your Base helps clients realize true cost savings while helping communities.

We provide environmentally conscious and charitably focused reverse logistics, decommissioning services and storage solutions for corporate clients. We help businesses with removing any IT, audiovisual systems, various furniture items, and even signage. Our company hires technicians from the live event, tradeshow and concert industry for the decommission work, ensuring a high level of skill in handling and care. Using our staging, logistics and installation expertise, our team accelerates smooth decommission projects on-time and on-budget.
We work with many 501(c) nonprofit organizations, which enables us to donate computers and other useful equipment and office furniture to schools and charities for virtual learning and other needs.

A little about our process:

Our 5 step decommission process provides an experience tailored to your company's needs.

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"Brian and team at Decom Your Base made our decommissioning and move out of our 10,000+ office space seamless. Great communication, very organized and proactive, which was a very different and pleasant experience from other moves our company has endured. I should add that our team was in Chicago while the move was executed in Mesa, Arizona, so not being onsite was an initial concern for us. Brian was responsive to our calls or inquiries and if he did not have an answer immediately, he let us know and was quick to get back to us. It was a huge relief having this team, they did what they said they would and our space was left without damage and very clean."

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