Our Process

Our 5 step decommission process provides solutions tailored to your company's needs.


Step 1

Evaluation and ROI consultation

  • Site survey and walk-through with customer (can be done virtually)

  • Develop plans for inventory (IT, AV systems, furniture)

Step 2

Provide structured solutions 

  • Logistics planning, photos, building guidelines, materials, trucking and labor


Step 3

Determine course of action 

  • Evaluate inventory and help customer decide which items are to be kept, recycled or donated

  • Identify charitable organizations for items

  • Manage budget parameters for decommission and storage services

  • Secure short-term and long-term storage solutions for items to be kept for future use

  • Finalize proposal and decommission schedule with customer

Step 4

Decom Your Base

  • Uninstall and disassemble 

  • Wrap/box furniture and equipment

  • Move out and load trucks

  • Deliver items to storage

desk working.jpg

Step 5

Process assets 

  • Store selected items in long-term Decom Your Base warehouse

  • Donate items to charitable organizations

  • Recycle remaining decommissioned items