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Above the Clouds
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Mac Jefrries

Founder, CEO

Image by José Alejandro Cuffia

Scott Smith



Brian Siebrandt

Vice President,

Business Development

Image by José Alejandro Cuffia

Collin Williams

Senior IT & Audio Visual Systems Engineer

  • Brian’s 20 years of experience includes leadership roles serving a variety of industries including manufacturing, technology and healthcare.  He spent 10 years with an operational management consulting company specializing in strategic sourcing initiatives with a focus on logistics and transportation.  As a global event senior producer, he has established a strong network of partners and resources to help businesses as they restructure their offices. Brian is dedicated to his unwavering commitment to client service.

Image by José Alejandro Cuffia

Brandin Whitaker

Project Manager

Image by José Alejandro Cuffia

Ron Ward

Logistics Manager

Image by José Alejandro Cuffia

Thomas Watkins

Logistics Coordinator

Image by José Alejandro Cuffia

Leazel Villaranda

Media Coordinator

Ron Ward is a 20-year veteran of trucking, transportation logistics, and warehouse management.  His experience of material handling ranges from industrial pipe supply to items as sensitive as IT, video, and audio equipment. Ron has an incredible eye for detail and oversees the transportation, inventory, and long-term storage space for Decom Your Base. He and his capable staff take great care and responsibility for whatever our clients need to be placed in long-term storage.

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